Exploring the Scenic Fraser Canyon

Kamloops Abstract winding river with trees and hills

For me, this was like visiting an old friend. Most of us who have lived in BC for many years, remember when the main route between the Lower Mainland and the Interior was along the Trans Canada Highway, which would wind its way through the Fraser Canyon. It was often a long, but very scenic…

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Kamloops Drone Photography

kamloops drone photography

A WHOLE NEW ERA Anyone who has engaged in professional photography for any length of time has no doubt been asked to take some aerial or drone photography for a client. It used to be a very cumbersome and expensive proposition, requiring the use of a fixed-wing aircraft or a helicopter, but technology changed everything.…

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The Blending of Seasons

Kamloops Abstract panoramic view of snowy mountains and hills with trees

As a fulltime photographer and founder of Kamloops Stock Photo Image site Peter Olsen Photography, I find beauty and opportunity in every season, including the transition between one season and another. That’s especially true right now, since 2020 has been full of surprises, including serving up Autumn and Winter simultaneously. That’s why I call this…

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Kamloops “Stock Photography”

Welcome to my “new” Kamloops Stock Photography website! My name is Peter Olsen and I’m a professional photographer, living in Kamloops, BC A Brief History The website, www.olsenphotography.ca is actually a culmination of images that have been captured of Kamloops and the surrounding region over a period of 15 years; however, an older version of…

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